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GRIT Awards and Best Energy Workplaces: How to Apply

This article will guide you through the process to apply for an individual, team, group, or workplace award.

How do I register for an ALLY account?

  • If you do not have an ALLY account, please follow the instruction in the video to walk you through the process of creating one. You will need this account to login to nominate.    

How do I apply for an award I was nominated for?

    • Upon receiving the email about your nomination, click the link inside the email to login to the APPLY system.
      • Login with your ALLY Energy account here by clicking Login>ALLY Energy on the main navigation bar at the top of the page


    • If you use the link from within your email you should be taken straight to the award program you have been nominated for.

    Quick Tip: If you ever need to navigate back to this program, or want to view the other programs, just click on ‘Programs’ in the main navigation bar at the top of the page.



    • Click on the green APPLY button, and once inside your application you will see 5 tasks (one additional optional task exists for the Best Energy Workplace award).
        • 1st task - Enter your individual, company, or team information and ensure to mark it as complete once done.
        • 2nd task - Select the ‘I received an email that I/my team/my company has been nominated’ and then add in the code you received within your notification email here, then complete all questions and click mark as complete. 

    NOTE: we ask you not to put the name of individuals, companies or teams in the answer to your application questions, so we can remove the bias from the judging. For example please start answers with ‘ They should be nominated because…. They have shown GRIT by… I have seen them mentor others…. Etc.)

        • 3rd task - Enter 2 references who will then receive emails to recommend you. Mark as complete when done.
    • Quick Tip: You may want to ask or notify your references in advance.
        • 4th task - Upload supporting documents such as your headshot and resume for individual applications, logos and team photos for a Group, Team or Company. Mark as complete when done.
        • 5th task - Enter the communications contact of your organization that we can work with in the case you are a finalist or winner. Mark as complete when done.
        • For Best Energy Workplace only - 6th task - Upload a copy of your current CSR report and then Mark as complete. (Optional)

    Quick Tip: If you ever need to leave and come back to finish the application just press ‘Save and continue editing’ Your application can be found later by clicking on the ‘My Applications’ in the main navigation bar at the top of the page.


    • Once all tasks are completed in your application, click submit.

    Quick Tip: If you wish to self-nominate for a further award, click ‘Programs’ in the main navigation bar at the top of the page and follow the process outlined below – How to self-nominate for a program.