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GRIT Awards and Best Energy Workplaces: Official Guidelines

Learn more about our annual recognition program, how you can get involved, common questions, review the rules and regulations, etc.

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What is the timeline for the awards in 2022?

  • Initial Call for Nominees  (July 6)
  • Nominations close (August 23)
  • All applications are due 11:59 PM CT (September 3)
  • Selection & Press Announcement of Finalists (September 27) We announce the finalists through a press release and provide a communications kit to use on social media.
  • Announcement of Winners (October 26): We announce the winners live in person and online. We drop a press release and provide a communications kit to use on social media.

Who is eligible for a GRIT Award?

The GRIT Awards are open to all global energy professionals in oil and gas, power/utilities, nuclear, solar, wind, geothermal, climate, and/or sustainability.  The individual may be in a corporate role, an entrepreneur, a student, or someone unemployed and accomplishing specific things that embody GRIT.

How many do you select?

When we launched the inaugural GRIT Awards in 2018, the response was overwhelming. More than 400 applications poured in from North America, The United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, Asia, Russia, and the Middle East. Over 500 people attended our celebration live in Houston, and 74,000 tuned in online. We have no magic number for those we award.  We aim to bring a diverse set of applicants forward. 

How do you select winners?

Winners will be chosen by a panel of judges.  For individual applications, the applications will be stripped of all identifying information and judges are assigned randomly to eliminate bias. Nominees will be evaluated based on professional accomplishments, personal philanthropic efforts, and other qualities you define in the nomination. All honorees and finalists are recognized at the GRIT Awards and online through social media.

I've been nominated, why do I have to provide an application?

Applications are the sole source for judges to review your qualifications in a redacted manner.  Your application requires you to provide two references.  The quality of our awards and process make this truly a high honor.   

Can I nominate myself?

Yes, we accept and encourage self-nominations.

2022 GRIT Awards and Best Energy Workplaces registration and nominations are now open.  Visit here for more information.

Does it matter how many nominations someone gets? 

Whether someone receives 1 nomination or 1,000 nominations, it makes no difference. Once a person is nominated, that person is invited to fill out an application. When the judges look at all the candidates, the only information they receive are the applications. They're not aware of how many nominations each person has, so that will not factor into their decision. 

I just found out that someone nominated me! How can I find out who it was? 

Unfortunately, we can't give out the information of who exactly the nominators are. 

What do you look for in an applicant?

We want to give it up for individuals, teams and organizations who are pressing on, despite the barriers that might be in the way. The past year has been another opportunity to demonstrate GRIT, adaptability, passion, inspiration and delivering impact for energy. These are just some of the qualities we look for and want to recognize.

How can I get support for using the new nomination and application system?

Access our ‘How to’ guides here or log a ticket with customer support

What is new for 2022?

This year we’ve got nine award categories and a new streamlined nomination and application system. Visit here for more information.

Where are the GRIT Awards happening in 2022?

The Award ceremony will happen on October 26 in Houston, Texas at The Bell Tower. It will be both in-person and online for any attendees who can't be there physically. Online and in-person individual seats will open on August 1, 2022.  We expect a full house so get your tables today!

How do I sponsor the GRIT Awards?

To learn more about sponsorship or purchase tables, please visit here for more information.

What are the rules and regulations?

ALLY Energy hosts the GRIT and Best Places to Work Awards to find the difference-makers who are making an impact on energy, sustainability, and climate.     

  • There is no age, gender, geography and demographic restrictions. 
  • All nominations and applications must be submitted online here.  
  • Nominations submitted will generate a notification to the nominee from ALLY Energy; and the nominee must then apply for the award.  
  • The application will be required to be submitted, in its entirety to be considered for the award. Applications are due September3, 2022, unless an extension is determined by ALLY Energy.  
  • The judging cycle will be completed by no less than three independent judges randomly assigned.   
  • Award finalists will be revealed September 27, 2022 and the winners will be announced LIVE during the GRIT and Best Places to Work Awards on October 26, 2022.  
  • Data privacy guidelines apply for all information collected for nominees and applicants.  
  • ALLY is not responsible for errors or omissions of information on nominations or applications. 
  • Nominators will not be disclosed for nominees except that ALLY can provide reason someone was nominated to the nominee if requested.
  • Each application will provide communications contact information for the official notification of the finalist and winner announcement.   
  • Applicants will be provided the opportunity to give photos and logos.  The applicant gives us the right to publish these if selected with no royalties or payments etc.  
  • All finalists and winners should abide by our branding guidelines and use of logos