Demystifying D&I Data: It's More about Action than Data

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This year, at the 2018 GRIT Awards on October 3rd, we discussed the need for diversity and inclusion – and we backed it up with real data and “gritty” truth about our industry.

Our panel of expert energy and cultural change leaders demystified data about diversity and inclusion from three key studies: The PESA Gender Diversity Study, The NES Global Talent Women in Energy Global Study, and the Experience Energy, Energy Diversity & Inclusion Index™.

The Panel Recap


Vicki Codd is the marketing director of NES Global Talent. She has over 20 years of experience in B2B marketing in various sectors including IT, Telco, Financial Services, and Social Housing. Vicki has been with NES since 2015.

Chris VonHaven is the vice president, global projects organization for Exterran Corporation. He has worked in the energy industry for over 25 years and believes diversifying the energy workplace starts with the interview process.

Jason Korman is the CEO of Gapingvoid and it's Culture Design Group. He is a thought leader and innovator with experience adapting change at scale to large organizations.

The panel discussion was moderated by our very own Katie Mehnert, CEO of Pink Petro and Experience Energy.

Both the panelists and audience were given copies of the following data reports to review:

The Women in Energy Global Study ran for a month and focused on generating precise data about the lives of women in the energy sector, their careers, and thoughts on the state of gender diversity in the industry.  Download the data here

The PESA gender diversity study covered 35 companies and 250,000 global workers, including 100,000 men and women in the United States. This comprehensive study covered companies small and large. It also analyzed published data on various workforce issues.  Download the data here.

The Energy Diversity and Inclusion Index (EDII) looked at ways to best assess employees sense of inclusions, beliefs, and mindsets around the workplace. It included over 60 companies globally in the oil and gas, renewables, and services industries collected by Pink Petro and Experience Energy.  Download the data here.

Panelists Vicki and Chris reviewed the most important data from the reports and what it means for the industry. And they also shared areas of opportunity for the future.

Jason spoke about the data from a change standpoint.  He shared valuable insights with our audience on how to move these numbers in a different way by looking at the root of these problems and based in beliefs.  "We all take comfort in data for good reason.  Fundamentally if we want to shift our approaches to equality, we need to articulate the beliefs that we want people to embrace," says Jason.

After the panel answered questions, the session was opened up to guests to review the data and discuss it at their table. Those watching the discussion were also invited to participate through a live chat.

Guests were asked why they care about inclusion and diversity, and why it’s important for leaders at their companies to care.

Following the table discussions, we went around the room and heard from our attendees—in person and —about what they plan to do when they return to the office to make a difference.

"Diversity matters and everybody wins."

We still have our work cut out for us, but having these conversations and taking action is a start.

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