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ALLY is a force for good™

Our Mission

ALLY accelerates connections, careers and skills for an equitable energy transition.

We humanize energy

We give professionals a community to find everything they need to be successful in their careers. We give them a place to share stories, find career advice, jobs, publish insights, and network with colleagues in an advertising-free community. (No, joke.)

Energy is the most overlooked career on Mother Earth. We work with organizations that are committed to diversity and inclusion, providing them a framework to become a leader in ESG, attract top talent, build amazing culture and retain high performers. (We have a 95% client retention rate so you know we’re doing something right?)

We believe it all matters.

To get big challenges like energy poverty and climate change right, we work across all forms of energy and believe it’s necessary to address the intersections of society : gender, ethnicity, generation, neurodiversity, veterans, and other underrepresented talent pools. (This is heavy stuff and we need all hands on deck.)

Our Story


An idea to create an online community for women in energy was born on a cocktail napkin aboard a flight between London and Houston. Read the full story here.

Our Values

We practice respect, kindness and inclusion.

We know we need all forms of energy and people of different genders, races, ethnicities, generations and intersectional perspectives to create the workforce of the future.

We embrace difference and collective genius.

The richness of different perspectives allows us to create strong connections.

We are authentic, bold and creative.

We love to build, take risks and we never apologize for who we are.

We have a bias for action to drive impact.

We admit when we’re wrong, own challenges and bring solutions to the world.


Our Team

Experts from the energy, technology and media industries

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