French Energy Companies Pledge to Help Restore the Notre Dame Cathedral

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Total and Sodexo both contribute to the reconstruction efforts.

Notre Dame Cathedral, the 850-year-old iconic landmark in Paris that was damaged by fire on Monday, April 15th is getting help and support from businesses in France and abroad.

Total S.A., a leading global energy company headquartered in France, has pledged to donate EUR 100 million ($113.1 million USD) to its reconstruction. The company shared this news in a recent tweet.

Sodexo, a French company that provides quality of life services such as food and facilities management for the energy industry, has also pledged its support. Sodexo tweeted out that it would commit to providing one million meals to the people supporting the reconstruction of the Notre Dame Cathedral.

These two French energy companies along with businesses around the world are donating to the restoration of the cathedral.

French President Emmanuel Macron hopes to rebuild the Notre Dame Cathedral within the next five years. As of April 17th, the Associated Press reports that nearly $1 billion in donations have poured in so far.

Construction on the original cathedral began in 1163 during the reign of King Louis VII and finally completed in 1345. The Notre Dame Cathedral was almost demolished in the late 18th century. Napoleon, crowned emperor inside its walls, saved the French landmark in 1804.

In 1909, French heroine Joan of Arc was beatified inside the cathedral by Pope Pius X.

Notre Dame Cathedral was not only a historic building but home to many priceless treasures. The full extent of damage to the artifacts, relics, and sculptures inside the building is still unknown.

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