New ESG Council Buzzes with Ideas and Enthusiasm

Written by:

Rhoda Shapiro

Last week, ALLY launched its first ever ESG Council meeting. 

The turnout was robust, with members from companies like Chevron, Baker Hughes, Oxy, and Shell in attendance. 

Right now, energy companies are seeking to enhance their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) profiles. They’re stepping up in a way they never have before, and positioning themselves to play an instrumental role in the energy transition. 

The ESG Council Mission

This is why the new Council was created: To support organizations in ways that will not only make them stronger internally, but will also deeply impact our world. The ESG Council aims to provide a forum for collaboration, thought leadership, and sharing ideas; for supporting one another in becoming more well-versed in the ways of ESG, which can sometimes be a thorny topic.  

A lot of times people look at ESG and think it's this big daunting mountain to climb.

ALLY CEO Katie Mehnert, comparing the ESG landscape to a young child's big, messy bowl of spaghetti.

With the new Council, ALLY aspires to make understanding and incorporating ESG into the culture of an organization a little less daunting — and to remind everyone that when we come together in a spirit of collaboration, we can accomplish a great deal. 

ALLY wishes to thank the four founders of our ESG Council — Hillary Holmes from Gibson Dunn, Karra Marino from Terrapass, Katherine Warren from ESG Lynk, and Sue Staley from vPSI. We’re thrilled to be working side by side with leaders who understand how necessary it is to support one another when it comes to the areas of Environmental, Social, and Governance.

The meeting was buzzing with lots of great ideas and enthusiasm, as members discussed what aspects of ESG interested them, and what their ESG experiences have been like. Members of the Council also discussed the possibilities of creating educational content surrounding ESG, forming work groups, and also sharing stories and reports from their respective companies.  

Join ALLY's ESG Council

If you’re not a part of the ESG Council and you want to be, we'd love to have you join us.

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