Signs We Don’t Read – New Series

Written by:

Susan Hodge

We all see signs along the road so often that we take them for granted – Stop, School Crossing, Merge Right.  We react out of habit and do as instructed… most of the time. There are other signs that we see all the time that – let’s be honest – we completely ignore, like the speed limit.

Daily life is the same way.  We become so wrapped up in the busyness of everyday events that we begin to take for granted things that are “always” there – the roof over our heads, a full meal, our job, our family.   Then something happens – an illness, a corporate layoff, a hurricane, a relationship breakup.  Suddenly life’s essentials return to the forefront of our focus.  Why is it that we wait until a dire situation to appreciate all that we have?  What other signals might we be missing?

The objective of this series is to help us read the signs along the way to keep us from slipping into complacency about the fundamental, yet most important parts of our lives.   We’ll focus on the road signs of life that help us avoid the ditches of relationships gone awry, an accident with our health or a collision at work.  Maybe we can even avoid some fender benders with our kids.

As you drive down the road during the next few days, pay attention to the signs that you notice and try to think of some you take for granted or overlook.  Check in next Monday for the first topic on Rest Area.

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