The Importance of Evolving Organizations from the Inside Out

Written by:

Rhoda Shapiro

Ask Shantera Chatman what she does, and she’ll tell you that she alleviates trust and communication issues within organizations. 

In her work as a Transformation Consultant and DEI Strategist, Shantera helps to evolve organizations from the inside out, devising unique experiences to get to the root causes of underlying issues that hold businesses back. 

"My business is based on strategic planning and immersive learning and development, with a strong focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion,” said Shantera.  

PowHer Consulting 

Based in Houston, Texas, Shantera has owned her own company, PowHer Consulting, for 3 years, and has worked as a consultant for over 20. What she brings to her work is a specific brand of authenticity, mixed with a sincere passion for helping to change cultures and build stronger organizations. 

Recently, Shantera started working with the ALLY Academy to share her offerings with a range of energy professionals who are looking to bring more inclusivity into their work environments. She currently has a program called the Transformative Ally Framework. It’s a 6-session deep dive into becoming an ally within your organization, and it is based upon three pillars: Advocacy, Support, and Coexistence. 

Transformative Ally Framework©

Created by PowHer Consulting, this program will leverage the ALLY Roadmaps and platform of fresh content and insights to help companies create evergreen action plans

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Shantera is also hosting a Culture Catalyst workshop on different dates in February. This workshop is hinged upon building an inclusive workplace grounded in listening and effective communication

Culture Catalyst Course

Build strong cultures effectively.

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As one of ALLY Energy’s main focuses is to build a diverse supply chain, Shantera and her work have been a great fit for moving us toward a new energy future. At ALLY, we believe that a diverse supply chain will usher in a new wave of innovation and creativity to take things to the next level. 

Shantera believes that in every organization, where there are trust and communication issues, there are usually diversity and inclusion issues as well. 

The world we're living in is diverse, and representation matters.

 "The main benefit of what I do is bring to light any issues around trust, communication, and collaboration; and I help my clients work through those issues,” said Shantera. "If a team is more trusting, they’re going to communicate more and be able to collaborate well, which means their deliverables and positive results will increase. That will eventually lead to an increase in the bottom line.  That is the value proposition for the work I do.”

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