ESG Council Program - Back to School Edition

ESG Council Program - Back to School Edition
ESG Council Program - Back to School Edition

Join us for this informative session with our panelists where they will demystify the latest developments in ESG and help strengthen your understanding of foundational principals and its significance and application. Whether you're new to ESG or looking to refresh your knowledge, this presentation will equip you with the essential insights to navigate the ever-growing field of sustainable and responsible investing and reporting.In this presentation, we will cover:

  1. What is ESG in 2024?: Learn the fundamental definitions and components of Environmental, Social, and Governance criteria, and understand why they matter in assessing the sustainability and ethical impact of businesses.

  2. ESG Reporting and Ratings: Get reacquainted with the various ESG reporting frameworks, latest regulatory developments and rating agencies, and learn how these tools help stakeholders make informed decisions based on a company's ESG performance.

  3. Benefits of ESG: Discover the advantages of incorporating ESG criteria into business strategies and investment decisions, from risk management and regulatory compliance to enhanced reputation and long-term financial performance.

  4. Challenges and Considerations: Acknowledge the complexities and challenges associated with ESG, including data accuracy, standardization issues, and the potential for greenwashing, while also exploring ways to address these concerns.

Event Details

27 August, 2024

10:00 AM


Open to the Public

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