A Gift By Any Other Name is Not the Same

Written by:

Lori McKnight

Clever holiday gift ideas

Think of the best gift you’ve ever received. What made it special? Chances are it was a combination of surprise, thoughtfulness and a personal touch that blew you away. But how do you incorporate these three elements into appreciation holiday gifts for a large workforce?

It is unrealistic to know the hobbies and interests of all your employees. However, there is one thing everyone has in common that is part of your identity, how you’re recognized, and what you respond to: your name.

“A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.”

- Dale Carnegie

Customization matters

We have entered the Age of Customization according to Lindsay Pollak author of “Remix - How to lead and succeed in a Multigenerational Workplace”. Today’s consumers expect the ability to personalize products and experiences to their exact liking. This transfers to our employees’ workplace expectations. When leaders are searching for recognition and reward ideas, you will connect and motivate more employees when you seek out solutions that are personal or allow options/choices.

With the holidays quickly approaching, many of you are googling employee gift ideas looking for meaningful year-end ways to show thanks and praise. Research shows a person’s name is the greatest connection to their own identity and individuality. It’s also something every generation has in common, presenting you with instant personalized gift opportunities!

Did you know there are 676 combinations of two-character letters in the English language? Every employee has a first and last name. Employee initials are a clever way to personalize items on-the-spot to grab attention, instill pride and increase the perceived value of your gesture. Here’s how CSI STARS helped Newpark, a leader in the oil and gas industry, WOW employees with personalized gifts last holiday season….

The Situation

Newpark wanted to provide a unique holiday gift that reinforced their long-standing commitment to sustainability. As part of their green initiatives, each Newpark facility was tasked with creating a paper and plastic cup free environment by year-end.

The Solution

Newpark chose a practical item every employee, whether out in the field, at home, or in the office uses every day – an insulated tumbler. But rather than a typically branded vessel, they sent CSI STARS their employee list and we personalized every tumbler with each employees’ initials and the Newpark logo.

The Reaction

As the gifts were handed out during the holiday lunch, you could hear whispers of “My initials? How cool!” and “How did they do this for everyone?” When was the last time you heard that about a piece of company merch? The response was amazing. There were lots of smiles and a general sense that the company cared enough to take the time to source a gift a little different and unique to each individual.

“This was a great way to put a personal touch during our Christmas activities. It was a huge hit. The employees at our location loved the individual touch and I have really enjoyed seeing them on the employees' desks”.


Recognition matters to companies big and small

Connection fuels workplace culture so thoughtful gifts are more than just a seasonal gesture; they help create an environment where people want to work and thrive. CSI STARS can help companies to recognize employees in a meaningful way this season, and create a workplace ready for the future of energy.

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