An Unfiltered Discussion on Bias

Written by:

Katie Mehnert

After listening to the AAPG president’s views on the low percentage of women recognized for awards, Terra George published an open letter to the American Association of Petroleum Geologists last week shedding light on a long-standing challenge with gender bias in the oil and gas industry.

Two weeks prior, Kathryn Mills, Host of the Crude Audacity podcast, shared her concerns with an inappropriate Instagram post that referenced escorts in response to the recent negative oil price dive.

Both women received a flurry of support from female and male colleagues on social media.

How do these things happen? They boil down to attitudes, beliefs, values and bias. Bias is an inclination toward or away from one way of thinking. Biases are often based on how we are raised or gleaned from a set of experiences we’ve had throughout work and life. We all have them. They can be both overt or unconscious.

Dr. John Reed, PhD, executive coach and IO psychologist joined Terra and Kathryn. 

  • How can we overcome our own preference towards thinking and challenge ourselves and others to see things from a different viewpoint? 
  • How can we move the needle to change the culture by confronting these biases? 
  • How can we work together both women and men to drive a more inclusive future for an industry undergoing rapid transformation?

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