Are You Living in Your Purpose?

Written by:

Wesleyne Greer

I was recently asked the question “Wesleyne, why do you do what you do?”

For my entire adult life, I have always been a coach or in some facet of sales. When I got the opportunity to marry them, I knew I was living in my purpose.

As a sales coach, I work with different types of people:

???? Entrepreneurs: Typically, they know their craft, but have no idea how to sell or market it. So, I help them get out of their comfort zone and increase their revenue with my outside of the box strategies.

???? Salespeople: They are highly passionate superstars, but typically struggling with an aspect of sales. Sometimes it’s the process, other times it’s about becoming the true resource their clients need. These salespeople want to be excellent and they know in order to achieve it, they must stretch themselves. I challenge them to expand their horizons.

???? Sales managers: Most sales managers are not given a manual when they become a manager. They are expected to know how to transition from being a superstar salesperson to managing a team of strong and weak players. I help by giving them the tools they need to coach their team to close more deals.

When my clients get that “Aha moment”, that gives me the greatest joy.

Live in your purpose and do what you love.

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