Are You Thinking Beyond the Crisis?

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In her professional career, Wesleyne Greer has encountered three major economic breakdowns:

  1. In 2008, the housing crisis made the banks reassess the way they did business. The whole country tightened its belt.
  2. In 2014, the oil industry suffered a downturn.
  3. In 2020, the global pandemic, COVID-19 hit.

Many companies and individuals feel as though they have no audience to sell or market to- so why spend the money right now? What plans and strategies are you putting in place to position yourself and your company to prosper? 

Greer shares a model for how to identify your value proposition, goals, activities and tasks needed to be successful.

Wesleyne is a dynamic sales leader with experience in the petrochemical industry. She specializes in lead generation, marketing, consultative sales and after-sales support. Being proficient in identifying business needs and opportunities, as well as developing and implementing customized solutions for internal and external customers, are key strengths. Wesleyne is highly skilled in creating proven and repeatable sales processes that increase sales and profitability. As a chemist, she is able to unify highly technical organizations and transform them into profitable sales enterprises. Connect with her here.

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