Blazing a Path Forward to Inclusive Leadership

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Rhoda Shapiro

Even after over a decade of consulting, Arquella Hargrove still feels a spark of excitement every time someone she’s working with has an aha moment. That spark is something that keeps her locked in to her purpose, which is hinged on supporting professionals and teams from organizations in achieving their fullest potential. 

“As I’m facilitating, and people have that golden moment of understanding and they know what actions they’re going to take and they get it…that’s what I enjoy,” said Arquella. "That’s why I do what I do.”

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Diversity is essential

Based in Houston, Texas, Arquella has been working as an HR Strategist, Facilitator, Leadership Coach, and Speaker for nearly two decades. Through trainings and workshops, she presents programs on topics like leadership development, presentation skills, organizational communication, conflict management, and business etiquette. In the last 15 years, she’s expanded her focus to include diversity, and works with organizations to uncover issues that are standing in the way of nurturing equitable and inclusive work environments. 

A couple years ago, Arquella started working with ALLY, and has served as a facilitator and moderator for a variety of our events. As a Faculty Member of the ALLY Academy, she offers trainings around inclusive leadership, and executive coaching.

During a past ERG Summit, Arquella had the opportunity to serve as Chair. 

“We had conversations around how energy companies take the next step in being more diverse and inclusive, as well as preparing and being a place where people with STEM backgrounds want to come work,” said Arquella

Diversity, equity, and inclusion have been a challenge in that industry. So how do we move the conversation forward so they can be more inclusive, attract STEM professionals, and be considered the ideal workplace?

At present, Arquella is focused on offering her training centered around inclusive leadership in energy, and how to move that conversation toward meaningful action. 

"I think that after everything that happened last summer [after George Floyd’s murder], employees are expecting their companies to step up and be more equitable and inclusive,” said Arquella. 

Through her work, she is determined to drive that mission forward. 

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