Building a New Energy Capability in Renewables

Written by:

Kailey Hawthorn

In this episode of Voices of Energy, host  Katie Mehnert introduces the podcast and her guest, David Reid. David is the Chief Technology and Chief Marketing Officer at oil and energy company, NOV. He lives in Houston where he serves on multiple boards and founded the redM Movement to help the survivors of human trafficking find restoration

The episode begins with David discussing his commitment to helping human trafficking survivors and how redM was founded.. David explains that redM is passionate about seeing lives transformed in the aftermath of sexual exploitation. redM believes that sex trafficking survivors deserve more than rescue; they deserve restoration. His organization partners with other nonprofits to help bring resources and therapies to a community of survivors.

Then Warren asks David about NOV’s work in renewables. It’s a hopeful movement, David explains and his company is working in this renewable energy space quietly with knowledge that it’s not against the oil and gas industry, but rather a partnership where they need each other. It’s important to David that NOV is part of the renewable solution, and also that they are creating spaces that are diverse and collaborative. It’s part of NOV’s plan to Rejuvenate, Repurpose, and Reposition. They’re first trying to take what they currently are doing and do it better with renewables - that’s rejuvenation. To accomplish this, they’re looking at repurposing the tools and talents already at their disposal. And finally, David encouraged his team to invent new things and reposition NOV into new spaces within the industry.


:09 - Katie introduces herself and the podcast.

:46 - Katie introduces today’s guest, David Reid.

2:15 - David discusses the Red M Movement.

9:28 - David shares about NOV’s work in renewables.

15:30 - Rejuvenate, Repurpose and Reposition

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