Career Tips Over Coffee: Find Your Strength

Written by:

Susan Hodge

Normally when I write about your strengths, I’m referring to characteristics that you can leverage for career success. Today I’m focused on a different kind of strength.  I’m referring to that inner strength – the one that lies deeply within us, the strength that requires us to reach down deep into our soul to draw up and out.  I’m referring to the strength that gets us through tough times and difficult situations.

This past year we’ve seen many displays of strength.  Some of you found your strength as you faced great personal loss in the face of natural disaster.  Others found the strength to be heroes as they served others.  We’ve seen many women find the strength to go public with painful experiences that haunted them for years.

When we display our strength, we become stronger.

I’ve found my strength many times over the years.  One time I was sitting across a table wondering why I was listening to advice from a person who didn’t really know me.  Another time I made a major career decision after attending church.  When I was struggling with a professional/ personal balance issue I found my strength during my morning meditation.  Then there was the time I found the life changing strength to say “no” to a situation while I was driving down Highway 105.  (Isn’t it interesting that when we have these revealing moments we remember exactly where we were?)

In every strength-revealing moment there is one consistency:  silence.

In each instance I was ruminating over a situation. The ruminating stopped when I sat in quiet space and gave attention to the still, small voice that speaks within me.  Without exception, each time I found strength and acted on it, I also found peacefulness and a positive way forward.

This holiday season, as you reflect and look ahead to the new year, I encourage you to give yourself the opportunity to hear your still, small voice and find your strength.

What situation needs your strength in the new year? 

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