Helena Bourdillon, UK Freediver to Keynote HERWorld19 London

Written by:

Katie Mehnert


Meet Helena Bourdillon.  She is 44 years old and has survived and triumphed over chronic depression. Since then, she has represented Great Britain twice (so far) in the Freediving Depth World Championships.

When she's not in the water, she speaks of her journey to positive mental health, incorporating the knowledge and skills that she's learned during her recovery process as well as those gained from freediving and how these can be easily translated  into healthier lifestyles and businesses (without the need to hold your breath!)

As a breath trainer, she shows people how to gain better health, physically and mentally by using their breathing apparatus fully, as nature intended.

Her message is one of encouragement and hope, survival and resilience.  Through telling her story, she is daring to inspire people to follow their dreams. She allows people to see what they are capable of achieving.

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