Is It Time To #BreakUp With International Women’s Day?

Written by:

Katie Mehnert

A few weeks back we celebrated International Women’s Day, which is also ALLY’s 7th anniversary in business. 

Until recently, International Women’s Day (IWD) was not widely celebrated – if at all. But on IWD this year, you could log on to any social media platform and experience the sea of pride. For ALLY, we are shifting into a new era. We are stepping away from the rah-rah of days and months that celebrate differences and stepping into data, insights, and actual change. 

We are asking ourselves: is it time to break up with IWD? Is it enough to just socialize and engage? While we think it's nice to see empowerment and engagement, we know the real movement is about numbers. Do you know and embrace yours?

Our Vision For The Next Generation

On IWD, I echoed many energy leaders' sentiments.  We need every form of energy to help us address big challenges: energy security, poverty, and climate change. 

In order for us to deliver more energy to the world, we need to completely hack the way we recruit, develop, and retain talent.

We have a lot of work to do. Our children depend on us to change this industry for their future. 

So what does that change look like? 

  • Companies actively need to expand the talent pool to a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. It’s not enough anymore to recycle talent. We must create what doesn’t exist.
  • The industry needs to converge its efforts to find talent across all energy forms. 
  • Hiring managers and recruiters need to focus more on impact and purpose than poaching other professionals with more money. “Smile and dial” and “post and pray” are so 1990s. We need modern recruiting technology to reduce the cycle time to connect talent and companies on skills and culture.
  • Executives and boards need to put their money where their mouths are,  own up to their numbers, and close gaps. 
  • Allies build more allies. Communities are important to create the culture they want to see.

Are you ready to change the narrative in our industry? 

Standing Out, Not Fitting In 

With over 55 million companies and 810 million members on LinkedIn, do you think that energy companies and candidates in energy are standing out? Probably not. But the world is dependent on energy. The industry requires even more talent to create the future we want. And recruiting is broken for job seekers and companies looking for great talent.

But if the talent pool does not visibly exist, does it really exist? 

That’s why we created a platform to connect candidates and companies alike on values, impact, and purpose. When those stars are aligned, everyone benefits. Companies must understand that the workforce is shaping the industry so attraction and retention have got to change. Companies and candidates need a new way to stand out to be found and ALLY is the platform to make it happen. 

Searching for a new position in the energy industry? Here’s how to find an energy job with the impact you seek. 

The Energy Workforce Of The Future Should Celebrate Difference, Not Diversity

Energy companies tout they are dedicated to diversity and inclusive practices. That’s where ALLY comes in. We are leading the way to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) across the energy industry and helping companies demonstrate their values and numbers in action. 

ALLY paints a real picture of what it will be like to work for different energy companies. Candidates have made it clear they would rather resign from their jobs than stay in a career where they don’t see themselves making an impact. We’re creating technology that helps companies communicate their values, behaviors, and their numbers. 

Disclosure Will Win Hearts And Minds 

Do you know what they say about the truth? It hurts. 

Disclosure will help everyone understand where we are and where we need to go. 

This is the exact reason why ALLY has partnered with Crosschq and launched ALLY 2.0. These additional analytics gives a 360 profile of the candidate's values  – essentially sharpening the sword. Our platform accelerates the ability for companies to find great talent without scouring through the ethernet of countless resumes.

We know companies will be frustrated and embarrassed with their data. Good. That’s where we start. But that’s not where we end. 

We want to see companies improve their DEI markers. The goal… Your numbers should give you a sense of pride. That’s the rah-rah we want to see: your data.

Create your candidate or company account.

No More Talk.  Take Action For Impact

The first step is to sign up – as a candidate or as a company. Sign up as a company and show that you’re an ally trying to be a better ally in the energy industry. Sign up as a candidate who wants to find an amazing meaningful place to work.

It’s time to stop talking and start doing. Get started today.

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