Embracing the Unknown & Developing a Learner Mindset with Carolyn Comer

Written by:

Amy Quinn


How will the world meet the energy demand while reducing emissions? What technology and human capital policy in education are needed to make this energy transition a reality? What are the myths and hard truths about all forms of energy, our environment, and our economy?

The Voices of Energy sets out to explore these questions with the people who have the heart of making these changes a reality. We’ll go from conversation to application by focusing on action and strategies that will drive the world and our industry into a new era. In this episode, host Katie Mehnert, Founder and CEO of Ally Energy, is joined by Carolyn Comer.

Carolyn Comer is the Chairman of Shell Trading Risk Management and President of Shell Energy Americas. She has more than 20 years of leadership experience in commercial environments, building high-performance teams. In an alternate world, she would be a pottery teacher as she loves learning and developing people, as well as making things with her Higher National Certificate in art with a focus on ceramics.

Carolyn, a 25-year veteran of the energy industry, speaks about her journey into Shell and her passion for trading. She discusses how she has seen the company embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion over time. Carolyn shares that when faced with doubt in her career she found it important to seek advice from others rather than make an irrevocable decision based on incorrect assumptions. Lastly, she believes that providing purposeful work is essential in attracting the younger generation to the energy sector.

Carolyn Comer discussed her experience in the energy industry and how Shell is working towards a net zero emissions future. She highlighted initiatives such as taking over naming rights for Houston's Major League Soccer stadium, providing renewable energy to it, and collaborating with customers and policymakers on energy transition. Carolyn emphasized the importance of creating a more inclusive environment where people can find meaning and purpose in their work. Finally, she encouraged leaders to take on a learner mindset when approaching this monumental challenge of transitioning to cleaner energy sources.

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