Allies for the Next Generation with Caitlin Tessin

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Amy Quinn


How will the world meet the energy demand while reducing emissions? What technology and human capital policy in education are needed to make this energy transition a reality? What are the myths and hard truths about all forms of energy, our environment, and our economy?

The Voices of Energy sets out to explore these questions with the people who have the heart of making these changes a reality. We’ll go from conversation to application by focusing on action and strategies that will drive the world and our industry into a new era. In this episode, host Katie Mehnert, Founder and CEO of Ally Energy, is joined by Caitlin Tessin.

In this episode, we are joined by Caitlin Tessin, VP of Strategy and Market Innovation at Enbridge in Houston, Texas. Caitlin spearheads a team who specializes in new energy investments focusing on emission reduction activities and new lines of business such as renewable natural gas, hydrogen, and carbon capture.

In this interview, though, we discovered quickly her drive and ingenuity for mentoring women and rising stars in the industry. We also had the opportunity to speak with her about her role within Enbridge’s INCLUDE program for diversity and inclusion. This is an episode to share with friends, colleagues, and beyond. Enjoy!

Show Notes:

After answering an ice-breaking question, Caitlin shares how she carved her path in the energy space. She attended Rice University and, after graduation, went to work for the predecessor company of Enbridge in the public affairs department. This helped to get her feet wet and learn about natural gas, infrastructure, and transportation. She also worked on a large growth project in New Jersey before returning to Rice for an MBA and pivoting to the commercial side of energy.

Over the last several years, she has been spearheading energy transition efforts for the gas business. Her work aims to tap into the feminine side of the world and get more people who have not traditionally been part of the industry to join in on the new future.

Next, Caitlin shares the trends she is seeing emerging in light of this transition. Enbridge has its own set of comprehensive goals from both an emission/reduction and diversity standpoint. She also predicts proactive projects focusing on reducing emissions from the existing gas system. Similarly, she thinks we will begin to see a future network that will utilize the same infrastructure we currently have, but with products with smaller carbon footprints. The only way we continue to transition, she believes, will be if we welcome a diverse future workforce.

Simply put, Enbridge represents stability and agility. The company has been around so long for a reason. In the last 5 years, there has been an enormous focus within the company on where they are headed in the long haul. Their publicly announced sustainability loans and bonds tie them to reduction and energy transition goals. They are well diversified, have a large renewable power business, and are trying out industry-leading things every day.

Anyone interested is urged to join the team, bring new ideas, and challenge the traditional lines of thinking.

Listen as Caitlin shares about Enbridge’s initiative INCLUDE, which compliments their existing DEI training. As the conversation wraps up, Caitlin offers valuable advice for other mothers and women in the industry.

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0:50 Guest, Caitlin Tessin, introduced.
4:41 How Caitlin got into energy.
6:51 The emerging trends in the transition of the energy industry
9:22 Predicting the future of the energy workforce
11:43 Enticing new people to join the team at Enbridge
14:10 Enbridge’s Include initiative and commitment to DEI
21:08 Caitlin’s advice for mothers and women in the industry

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