Moments That Made Pink Petro

Written by:

Jen Simpson

Looking back over the past five years, so much has happened. There’s been much to applaud as well as challenges to overcome. Yet, through it all, we, Pink Petro, and you, our members and supporters, have been together. As we move into 2020 and get ready to celebrate our five-year anniversary, let’s look back on some of our shared experiences.

Looking Back: A Five-Year Timeline of Major Events


  • Pink Petro Launch: On International Women’s Day in March 2015 Pink Petro, a network dedicated to empowering women and diversifying the energy industry, was born. The story broke in The Houston Business Journal, bizwomen, and CBS News.
  • Lean In Energy Launch: In October 2015, Pink Petro funded and launched Lean In Energy, a nonprofit mentoring program for the energy sector.




  • GRIT Awards Launch: Designed to recognize energy industry professionals who go above and beyond, the inaugural GRIT Awards Program was attended by 75,000 people in person and online in March 2018. FYI, nominations for 2020 open soon, so start thinking about people who deserve to be recognized now!
  • Oil Slump: After reaching a four-year high of more than $75 per barrel in October 2018, the price dropped to under $55 in November, a 13-month low.
  • EDII: The Energy Diversity & Inclusion Index™ (EDII™), which examines the state of inclusion across the energy sector and was the first-ever of its kind, was released by Experience Energy.
  • Houston Business Journal Coverage: Katie's op-ed "Everyone needs mentoring, despite accomplishments" featured.



  • Five-Year Anniversary: As we celebrate
    our five-year anniversary, Pink Petro will be building on our prior activities
    and focusing on five goals; gender equality, affordable and clean energy,
    decent work and economic growth, reduced inequalities, and climate action.

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