Making the C-Suite Within Reach for Women

Written by:

Amy Deaton

Sheryl Sandberg, Founder/CEO of Lean In and COO of Facebook, joined Pink Petro, Lean In Energy, and the Houston energy community for the first quarter GCC engagement of 2018. It was an honor to host Sheryl at Rice University for a fireside chat, and we got to host her virtually at HERWorld18.

One of the primary goals of Lean In is to change peoples' mindset around women in executive positions. Powerful and influential women are dismissed as bossy, when men with these characteristics are considered leaders. For women who are already in positions of power, this kind of dialogue is undermining, and for women seeking executive positions, it confines them to more deferential roles. When we recognize these prejudices, we can see that they are exacerbating the gender chasm in the C-suite. 

Sheryl aims to shift the attitude towards female leaders through the Lean In community, and to provide women with resources to help more of them achieve these positions of power.

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