This week the world woke up to a big headline.  Oxy showed "moxy" (misspelling intended) and outbid Chevron for the Permian's pearl, Anadarko.  It was a bold move by Vicki Hollub, CEO, and one I applaud her team for having the grit to do.  When called about the bid, I told Reuters what I thought.

But this is just a start to a bigger conversation. 

Moxy is about being okay to stand alone to do something that might otherwise be unpopular

Long ago before many of us, Energy 1.0 was built by mavericks and wildcatters and people who risked their lives to build something for future generations. But, we’ve lost our entrepreneurial edge. While we have innovated, we haven't moved fast enough and we sure haven't been bold enough.

Energy 2.0 is about agility, creating a vision for the next hundred years, and taking bold actions to make that transition. 

It's about moxie and making investments in both traditional and alternative plays.  But it's about the people and culture (and their stories) who will extract the highest value from those assets. No one will win Energy 2.0 without the right talent and culture.

We're thrilled to see that energy is gaining its edge again. 

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The world needs #MoreMoxy

What are you doing to put #MoreMoxy into your work? Who do you think has great moxy? What #MoxyMoves are you making? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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