A People Leader at a People Company

Written by:

Carlos Da Silva

As we live in a post-pandemic era, how are companies reemerging to meet and engage with the new realities of an evolving labor force? How can they develop sustainable recruiting practices while meeting the demands of an increasingly diverse workforce? How do they adjust or pivot their recruiting practices to align with their DEI initiatives? The Voices of Energy sets out to explore these questions with the people who have the heart to make these changes a reality. 


Welcome to ALLY Energy's Voices of Energy podcast, hosted by Katie Mehnert. In this episode, we're thrilled to have Scott Marshall, Senior Group Director for the People Team in the Americas at Worley, joins us for a conversation about the workforce of the future and how Worley addresses energy transitions, and more.

Scott's journey started when he enlisted in the US Marines, and after eight years of service, he returned to Louisiana and began his career at KBR. In 2013, he joined Jacobs, which was later purchased by Worley in 2019.

As the energy industry undergoes massive changes, the Worley team sees a resurgence in mining and minerals to fuel these energy transitions. With more demand for solar energy, especially in engineering, procurement, and construction initiatives, Houston is becoming even more of an energy capital of the world as it creates new opportunities and jobs. 

Scott, a highly respected HR leader with deep expertise in the energy sector, believes in creating a culture of purpose and togetherness where employees can excel and create tangible changes. With Houston being a driving force in the energy transition, Scott and the Worley team understand the importance of this moment.

Today's younger workforce wants to find purpose and belonging within their careers. Scott believes creating transparency surrounding pay, leadership, and sustainability is crucial. He emphasizes the importance of working as a team, noting that Worley is "stronger together" in terms of company culture and employee engagement.

One of the key issues facing Houston is the need for economically feasible and sustainable projects while also providing opportunities for a skilled workforce. 

Scott is part of several organizations that help address these challenges, including the Houston Livestock and Industrial Craft Committee - which brings industry professionals into high schools - and the Upscale Houston Committee, which connects education, business, and the public sector.

Scott's passion and involvement in workforce development and outreach programs can be heard as you tune into The Voice of Energy: A People Leader at a People Company. Listen in as Scott shares his vision for the workforce of the future. 

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