How Will Workplaces Respond to the #MeToo Movement?

Written by:

Amy Deaton

Sheryl Sandberg, Founder/CEO of Lean In and COO of Facebook, joined Pink Petro, Lean In Energy, and the Houston energy community for the first quarter GCC engagement of 2018. It was an honor to host Sheryl at Rice University for a fireside chat, and we got to host her virtually at HERWorld18.

During the discussion, Sheryl shared her insights on the effects of the #MeToo Movement, and the commitment that workplaces must have for female mentorship. Sheryl reminds us that addressing the issue of sexual harassment only scrapes the surface of the bigger problem at hand. It is imperative that we continue to promote a culture where men can't shy away from interacting with their female co-workers out of fear of accusation. As we look back on the years of progress towards gender equality, and the countless women who have bravely stepped forward to shed light on sexual misconduct, how do we ensure that workplace culture doesn't backslide?

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