6 Jobs to Kickstart Your Career in Energy

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Jen Simpson

A Career in Energy Can Take You Places

A career in energy offers an opportunity for growth, a strong salary, and can be immensely rewarding. But, many people believe that you have to have an energy-related degree or be an engineer to get into this lucrative field. A recent survey shows that just 19% of women in energy careers today focused their education on the field. This means there’s a whole lot of opportunity for entry even if you don’t have a background with an obvious tie-in. Let’s explore a few options.

1) Executive Administrative Assistant

Executive assistants typically serve CEOs and other company leaders. They tackle administrative duties ranging from coordinating schedules, generating reports, and conducting research. Research from PayScale places the average salary at over $50k and you can get in with as little as an associate’s degree or high school diploma. Those who are adept at travel planning, scheduling, event planning, and project management earn more.

2) Data Analyst

Most data analysts have at least a bachelor’s degree or higher in an area related to statistics, mathematics, or economics, simply because this is a math-intensive role. Data analysts usually work with computer programs to gather information and compile it into reports. One day, they might be examining the energy consumption patterns of a customer and the next they could be uncovering ways to cut consumption or comparing methods. Analysts typically start out at about $50k per year and earn close to $60k on average, per PayScale. Those who enjoy these careers in energy can move into senior-level roles or management roles or pursue a career in data science, which opens doors for those seeking six-figure salaries.

3) Supply Chain Manager

Supply chain managers are unsung heroes in a number of industries. They organize warehousing, purchasing, production, and distribution of inventory. It’s the supply chain manager’s job to ensure the company has the supplies it needs wherever they’re needed, so a fair amount of predictive analytics is required too. This in mind, much of the company’s potential profitability rests on the shoulders of its supply chain team. Getting into the field typically requires a bachelor’s degree or higher in supply chain management, logistics, or a similar field. According to PayScale, salaries average $81k, but those with experience approach $120k per year.

4) Bookkeeper

Naturally, you’ll find many of the same careers in energy that you will in other sectors. After all, every company needs an accounting department. Bookkeepers record financial data and compile reports. They may also be responsible for completing audits to verify the work of others is accurate. Many companies prefer to hire bookkeepers with a degree in mathematics, accounting, or business, but some will hire those with just a high school diploma. Per PayScale, salaries average $42k, but those who enjoy accounting may work their way up to becoming an accountant for the company they serve and bring home $51k per year.

5) Human Resources Specialist

HR specialists are responsible for finding, screening, recruiting, and interviewing job candidates. They may have other duties such as hosting training sessions, taking employee surveys, promoting inclusivity, or running audits at the discretion of the HR manager. Most HR specialists have a degree in human resources and, per PayScale, earn an average of $50k per year. However, managers average $66k and close in on the six-figure mark as well.

6) Sales

Technically, sales reps don’t need to have a college education, but to find these careers in energy, you’ll need some sort of a technical or scientific background. You could work directly for an energy producer or for a company that creates products and services for the industry. Work in sales is more ideal for social butterflies and those with a great deal of tenacity, but top performers easily clear six figures per year, depending on performance and expertise.

Explore More Careers in Energy

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