The latest STEM opportunities for youth

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Here are some STEM opportunities for students that should be on your radar screen, courtesy of the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) STEM Rising...

Jobs, Competition, & Expertise 

BATTERY MANUFACTURING: A $1 million project is underway to help develop an Energy Workforce Innovation Center in the Midwest. The DOE recently announced a partnership with Youngstown State University and its own Oak Ridge National Laboratory to generate new workers in the field of battery manufacturing. 

ROBOTICS INTERNSHIPS: The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy’s Robotics Summer Internship Program is now accepting applications from high school seniors, undergrads, and post-grads. Those accepted can join up for a 10-week program in the summer of 2021 in DOE’s national laboratories, where scientists and researchers will teach them all about robotics and machine learning. 

SCIENCE BOWL: Come May 8, the National Science Bowl ®’s finals will begin. This year, the competition is virtual, and will host thousands of middle and high school students from all around the U.S. 

RED PLANET RISING: Ever wonder who made the Perseverance Rover’s upcoming Mission to Mars possible? Well, you can meet some of the DOE scientists behind it on a February 16 panel. Then two days later, on February 18, the Rover will head out on its adventure to the Red Planet. 

Health & Wellness 

MENTAL HEALTH SCHOLARSHIP: In pursuit of a $5,000 scholarship, students can commit to a specific healthy habit for 21 days, then present a podcast or infographic covering the experience. The deadline is March 31.

MENTALLY HEALTHY TEACHERS: Similar to the scholarship above, K-12 teachers can embrace an anti-stress technique for 21 days, capturing the process on video or in a podcast. Three teachers will be awarded as the winners, and will each get a Fitbit Sense plus a TheraBox subscription.

Women & Girls 

C3E AWARDS: The annual U.S. Clean Energy Education and Empowerment (C3E) Awards are now accepting nominations. Geared toward amplifying recipients by way of honoring their mid-career milestones, C3E grants each winner $8,000, along with national recognition. 

THE INTERNATIONAL DAY OF WOMEN & GIRLS IN SCIENCE is coming up on February 11. Through C3E International and other programs, DOE works with international partners on enhancing women’s presence in and impact on clean energy.

THE RENATE W. CHASMAN AWARD FOR WOMEN: This award is also accepting applications; it exists to inspire women in pursuit of careers in STEM. Two awards of $2,500 each are being offered.

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