The World's Largest Search Engine (And its Cloud) Has Found Us

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We’re proud to announce Google Cloud as a presenting sponsor this year at HERWorld 19 and Darryl Willis, VP of Energy at Google Cloud, as a keynote speaker.  

Darryl Willis’ mission is for everyone to have access to affordable heat, light, and mobility. A former BP executive turned Silicon Valley transformer, Willis is a catalyst for change seeking new ways, ideas, and providing new technology to create the future for energy.

Pink Petro founder, Katie Mehnert, worked at BP during the same time period as Willis. Although their paths did not cross during this time, she was thrilled to connect with him in their new space – former oil and gas leaders now working to change the landscape of their industry.

Katie immediately recognized Willis as one of the “good guys” out there who shares similar values.

"Darryl is also a fellow Cajun which makes this work even more fun ," says Mehnert who shares roots with Darryl having grown up in New Orleans, Louisiana, once a hotbed for energy.

As a keynote speaker, Willis is leading the talk “Getting Your Shift Together”.

More about Darryl Willis

Over his 25-year career in oil and gas, Willis has gained technical and global management expertise in subsurface, drilling, operations, technology, and strategy.

At Google Cloud, Willis is helping to bridge Silicon Valley and the Oil, Gas and Energy industry, enabling energy companies to process data and gain insights and unlock value.

With over two decades of experience in Data Analytics, AI/ML, Security, Infrastructure, Google Cloud is applying this knowledge to Oil, Gas & Energy with the goal of helping the industry become as safe, efficient, and clean as possible.

We are beyond thrilled to have Google Cloud as a sponsor and Darryl Willis as the opening keynote at HERWorld 19.

Are you ready to get your shift together? Join us on March 7 – 8.

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