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STEM, mechanical engineering, robotics

There's more to Girl Scouting than cookie selling. STEM is one of the newest badges of honor within the 107 year old organization. This is one message Mary Vitek delivered during HERWorld19.

The CEO of the San Jacinto Girl Scouts told a packed house of energy enthusiasts, the industry's future is secure. Why? In part because Girl Scout programs are keeping up with the changing times.

Turns out, girls are not only interested in science, technology, engineering and math....they excel in these areas, too.

"We have a portfolio of badges where girls are able to pursue STEM from the age of five all the way up to age 18."

Mary Vitek, CEO/ San Jacinto Girl Scouts

During HERWorld19, Mary Vitek, CEO of the San Jacinto Girl Scouts, shares information about a new scouting program being introduced this summer

Whether learning essential life skills, outdoor camping, critical thinking, or the entrepreneurial spirit...the Girl Scout program is fostering eccelctic growth for young girls. It's no longer your Grandmother's Girl Scout guidebook.

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