Steps to Achieving Your Business Goals Amid COVID-19

Written by:

Josh Levs

Wesleyne Greer, founder and CEO of Transformed Sales, knows about persevering through difficult times and succeeding. Through her work, she helps clients increase their revenue no matter what challenges they’re facing.

She also knows the energy business well, having spent years working in petrochemicals. So as we all grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, Pink Petro invited her to discuss how to think beyond the crisis and build a strong financial future.

The key, Greer said, is knowing your value proposition. “Many of us don’t quite understand what a value proposition is,” she said. Many people mistake it for a mission statement or quick summary of their work. “But your value proposition is really what allows you to set yourself apart from your competitors.”

“When you come up with your value proposition, it really needs to have three key components. It needs to define the problems that you're trying to solve. It needs to describe the benefits that your company will give to the world. And it needs to highlight your differences.”

This doesn’t apply only to creating your own business or project, she said. “Even if you’re in a company and want to move to the next level,” it’s helpful to show your company how the three components apply to you -- problems you can solve, benefits of giving you the promotion, and what makes you different from your competitors.

There’s also another, deeper benefit in how it can frame the kind of work you pursue, she said. “If your value proposition has those three components, it will ensure that what you’re doing is living in your purpose.”

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Value propositions are “not set in stone,” Greer explained. They change as you change, as your team changes, and as events reshape the business landscape. So ask yourself: What’s your value proposition now, amid this pandemic?

With that in mind, set your goals. Greer encourages people to have at least three goals at all times. One should generally be focused on revenue; the second, on personal or team development. The third is up to you.

These goals should reflect the “new normal,” she said. Perhaps you want to bring your revenue back up to pre-pandemic levels within one year, for example.

For each goal, Greer says, develop an action plan, and then break it down into tasks to take each day.

Figuring out how to do that now requires “out of the box” thinking, she said. “One thing that an old sales manager/ mentor used to tell me was, ‘You can’t sell anything sitting in your home office all the time.’  But now, that is very different! That’s what we have to do…. We’re stuck behind a screen and we have to find ways to build our business. So my challenge to you is to find a way to bring value to those people who you are most interested in.”

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