We Took the Risk: New book on Energy 2.0 launches

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The room was packed for the final leg of the American tour and the launch of We Took the Risk.

We Took the Risk, The Stories Behind the Early Risk Takes in the US Renewable Energy Industry and the Leadership Traits that Made Them a Success dives into the personal journeys of 25 executives who, through their own combination of traits, took on the challenges of an early U.S. renewable energy industry. Far from being a self-improvement book or a glorified “who’s who” run down, this book provides a backdrop by which to juxtaposition your own career journey. Author Tom Weirich lets you view the beginnings of the industry as if you were there, lock in step with these entrepreneurial leaders as they sift through decisions that would forever impact the trajectory of renewables in America.

Author Tom Weirich is the Head of North American Marketing for EDP Renewables who has connected pivotal players in the global renewable energy industry for over 18 years, working with teams that have closed 300+ renewable energy transactions across a variety of technologies. As an award-winning marketing leader in the energy sector, he’s a frequent industry panel moderator, speaker, and OpEd contributor, focusing on innovation, entrepreneurship, and market opportunities surrounding the U.S.’ clean energy transition. Weirich’s passion for renewables extends beyond the confines of his day job, with countless hours spent promoting philanthropic efforts focused on technology innovation, career mentoring, workforce development, and STEM education.

Tom told a crowd of 200 this week his passion for the book came as a tribute to a mentor of his that passed away.

"He was one of the first leaders I encountered early in my career that embodied a number of traits that have aided in my professional success in renewables. This snowballed into me reflecting on others who have made a similar impact in the industry – and how through their struggles – they have lessons for all of us on how we can forge our own successful careers in the U.S. renewable energy sector."

ALLY Energy is a proud sponsor of the book launch and provided copies to all of the GRIT Award finalists.

"Tom is a tremendous leader.  The timing couldn't be more perfect than now launching the book.  America is poised to race to NetZero and it's these risk takers who are building Energy 2.0," Katie Mehnert CEO of ALLY Energy said as a part of the Houston fireside panel discussion. "We need all forms of energy to build the energy workforce to enable the energy transition and there's no better place than Texas where Energy 1.0 got started."



Get your copy of We Took the Risk on Amazon or in Houston, visit Blue Willow Books to get a copy and support a locally women-owned bookstore.

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