A Community and Roadmap for Resource Groups

What is The Global ERG Leaders Council?

A member benefit of ALLY corporate, academic, affiliate and partner members. ERGs, BRGs and Diversity Councils are crucial for improving organizational results. Our council provides members with cutting edge best practices, solutions, as well as tools and resources for building individual ERG and Council member skills. This council is not just for companies with mature ERG and affinity groups, but also for organizations seeking to jump start their ERGs, accelerate their DEI efforts or refresh their programs.

Each company, affiliates and partner organizations may nominate ERG leaders per affinity group formed or forming.

Through the Energy Workforce of the Future initiative, the ERG Leaders council is working on four critical focus areas the need for a more inclusive energy workforce, a way to measure industry progress, an approach for skill-mapping to address jobs in the energy transition, energy literacy and the development of an industry value proposition to attract talent, and to provide a best-in-class focused network that shares best practices ongoing.

What does a member get?

  • Participation in the EDII: Energy Diversity and Inclusion Index 

  • Energy ERG Leaders Annual Conference 

  • Bi-monthly meetings for council members to share best practices strategy and policies among peers.

  • Access to our council central, an evergreen toolkit and knowledge sharing platform.

  • Unparalleled networking events (in person and online).