Energy Underground - February

Energy Underground - February

What is the Energy Underground?

The Energy Underground is a group of professionals in the Greater Houston area that are accelerating the Energy Transition. This is not a place where you're going to sit through an hour panel on why we should work on the Energy Transition. No one in this room is wringing their hands worried about what needs to be done, they already have their sleeves rolled up and are doing the work.

We come together so we can learn and support each other's work in advancing the Energy Transition. We help each other make industry contacts, secure financing, share deals, recommend talent looking to enter the energy workforce, and anything else that leads to bigger, better energy companies.

Who Attends?

  • Renewable Energy Project Developers
  • Renewable Energy Service Providers
  • Energy Tranistion Leaders from Oil & Gas Companies
  • Financiers (Venture, Private Equity, Investment Banking)
  • Cleantech Startup Founders & Executives
  • Energy Transition Startup Accelerator Leaders
  • Academic Thought Leaders (mostly from Rice University)
  • Students and job seekers looking to break into the Energy Transition

Event Details

15 February, 2024

12:00 PM


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