We're better together.

“If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together" - African Proverb.

The Energy Workforce of the Future™ (EWOTF) is a workforce development roadmap developed by ALLY, partners, and industry leaders across oil and gas, power and utilities,  renewables, and climate tech. 

When we brought together 80 companies, affinity groups, startups, and schools, we concluded that the industry needs to work together on four critical areas: attraction, retention, culture, and community.  Each year we come together to advance the goals of the roadmap. 

Our guiding strategy

The Energy Workforce of the Future™  is a key enabler in developing a skilled pipeline and inclusive workforce delivering a lower-carbon and more sustainable future.

We will invest in energy literacy and develop an industry value proposition.

Technology, finance, and healthcare are more desirable industries. Energy needs a narrative, one that embraces all forms.

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We will prepare the workforce for the energy transition.

A lower-carbon world will require exceptional talent.  We will work to cross-skill, upskill and reskill talent for the transition.

We will develop an inclusive and sustainable workforce.

We will go beyond diversity and create inclusive workplaces, benefits, and cultures that transcend policy.

We will share best practices across the energy industry.

Members have organzied three councils: ALLY, ERG, and ESG.  The community convenes semi-annually to discuss, socialize, and publish best practices in the energy workforce, inclusive culture, and ESG.

Video Recaps

Watch the recap (3 minutes) or explore all of the sessions from this year's summit.

The Energy Workforce of the Future Recap including all sessions


Indivisible How to Forge Our Differences into a Stronger Future


Community-Centric Branding: The Secret Sauce to Attract Top Talent


Networking in a Noisy World: Cultivating Authentic Connections


Real Talk: The Hidden Truths about the Energy Workforce using AI


The Women in Energy Global Study 

NES Fircroft, ALLY Energy, POWERFul Women UK, and Energy Jobline partnered to look at the women in the energy workplace.  


From GenZ to the C-Suite, office to the field, across energy... come hear about how everyone is unleashing talent and innovation to address the world's energy needs. Change is possible through people. This summit and career fair bring together executives, leaders, influencers, academics, technologists, founders, and the next generation to discuss how the energy sector can meet the challenges of the energy transition with the deployment of human capital.