5 Ways To Stand Out and Get Hired

Written by:

Steph Cartwright

Whether you are gainfully employed, worried about your job, in transition, or a new graduate, this session has something for everyone. Steph Cartwright is a Certified Professional Resume Writer, a LinkedIn Profile Specialist, and the Founder of Off The Clock Resumes. She joined us to discuss the 5 Ways to Stand Out and Get Hired and then tap into our new career resources for our community.

Watch the whole session for in-depth career search strategies and responses to audience questions. Here are a few main takeaways from our conversation:

Resume targeting

Steph explains the importance of targeting your resume to the position you're applying for. Employers know the difference between a generic resume and a resume targeting their company and open position. While it takes a little more effort on your part, it's important to customize your resume for every job opportunity you find. 

How to use LinkedIn

Moreover, she emphasizes the ways that a candidate's LinkedIn profile can create opportunities. LinkedIn is one of the most powerful networking tools. If you have 500+ connections, you have the potential for 500+ referrals. If you’re not nurturing these networking relationships, then you’re not doing LinkedIn right. Start by looking through your network and reaching out to a handful of connections each week. 

Steph also recommends that job candidates re-evaluate their skills section on LinkedIn. She notes that the skills sections for most of her clients are primarily tactical skills for their field. While these are important to show your expertise in your field, adding more strategic leadership skills to this section will position you as the best fit for the leadership roles you’re targeting. Add your skills in Vision, Strategy or Strategic Planning, Business Acumen, Business Planning, Policies, Procedures, Budget Management or Fiscal Management, and so on.

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