9 Lives Resilience: Live Like It's the Last Day on Earth

Written by:

Katie Mehnert

Born in 1971, Tim Wotton has lived in South London and is married to Katie with a 13 year old son Felix. Tim is a communications expert in the Oil & Gas industry, now serving as Head of Communications for marine fuels supplier, Peninsula Petroleum. He has battled all his life with the life-limiting chronic lung condition, cystic fibrosis (CF), as well as coping with type 1 diabetes.

Tim has shared his physical and mental survival techniques and resilience via public speaking and through his ‘Postcards from Earth’ blog, award-winning memoir ‘How Have I Cheated Death?’ and through poignant storytelling on his ‘Gift’ podcast.

His survival requires the holy trinity of regular physical exercise, medical compliance and mental resilience every day of his life with no day off or remission. He has played sports, particularly field hockey, and tennis all his life and regularly goes to the gym. Indeed, with great pride, he was a junior hockey English international.

Tim has always had great support from his loving family – parents Margaret and Douglas (RIP), elder brother Chris and twin brother Jez. He has many rich life insights based on knowing he has a reduced life expectancy and has battled against the odds for over 49 years. He feels empowered to share his life lessons in order to help anyone overcome their health and life issues and to manage stress and anxiety.

His passions include sartorial elegance (believing that it’s empowering to dress like it’s your last day on earth), Alfa Romeo cars, rugby, Wimbledon village, Dorset, seascapes and the power of nature to calm one’s soul.

His eyes and heart have been opened by his health struggle which has been a huge factor in his life, but not one that overshadows or defines him.

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