AABE 2021 National Scholarship

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The American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE) is now accepting applications for their 2021 National Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to minority, high-school graduating students who intend to pursue business or STEM related fields at an accredited college or university. Students are first considered at the local level and then can be forwarded to the National Scholarship Committee for regional and national awards.

A commitment to student opportunities

Since the organization's founding in 1977, AABE has been committed to building a pipeline of minority energy professionals. Many structural hurdles exist for black and other minority students in society, and a frightening diversity problem in energy is just one of the many "opportunity gaps" that these students face. The AABE Scholarship and adjacent student programs seek to close this gap by investing in minority professionals at a root level to create systemic change in the energy sector.

"The mission to create a more equitable energy industry is dependent on getting more minority voices in the room. The AABE Scholarship gives students the opportunity to be that next voice and lead the energy industry to a cleaner future."

Paula Glover, President and CEO of AABE

The AABE also hosts programs and activities through its various local chapters during Black Energy Awareness Month (BEAM) to encourage students to pursue careers in energy. Moreover, the AABE also has several student chapters that are active at universities across the U.S.

Looking ahead

It is opportunities like these that are crucial to navigating the energy transition. We know we need all forms of energy and people with intersectional perspectives to create the workforce of the future. It has become an imperative to advance students who can drive equity and diversity forward in the coming generations of energy access and policy. We are excited to see the talented pool of students recognized for the 2021 AABE Scholarship Awards.

Learn more about the scholarship and find application information here.

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