Accelerating the Energy Workforce of the Future™

Written by:

Rhoda Shapiro

Leaders in energy from all over the world came together last week for the first ALLY Council meeting of the year.

One of the meeting’s big goals was to fully convey the core aspects of ALLY’s Energy Workforce of the Future™ program. What we know is this: This energy transition that we’re currently undergoing will continue to be a bumpy ride, but if we work together, we can make it through to the other side of it.

The Energy Workforce of the Future™ is a comprehensive talent and culture program, structured to accelerate a more inclusive workforce in energy while nurturing a lower carbon future. 

This is an initiative that doesn’t leave anyone out -- it’s designed to support and enhance organizations based in renewables, utilities, and oil and gas. 

We know it’s a bold vision. But we’ve got a strong plan to back it up. 

ALLY has teamed up with other energy leaders to identify four enablers that we’ll be using to drive the Energy Workforce of the Future™ forward:

  1. Build a more inclusive workforce 

We’re achieving this through our ALLY Academy, which offers Coaching, Training, and Development and Consulting for organizations looking to develop and support more diverse, inclusive work environments.

2. Measure & build Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) into performance 

Measuring is an essential piece of this puzzle. When we measure something, we give ourselves the opportunity to improve upon it. Through our Annual Energy Diversity & Inclusion Index Survey, we’ll be able to track and quantify exactly how DEI is transforming our energy organizations. This year, we’ll be unveiling our first ethnographic study, which we’ve been working on with Gapingvoid Culture Design.   

3. Define the Energy “IVP” & Literacy 

If we want to transform the energy culture, we’ve also got to get on the same page about the ways in which we understand and talk about energy. ALLY wants to be a part of building Energy Literacy, not only among people currently in energy-related industries, but also the general public. This is why ALLY is collaborating on a STEM Children’s book with Erin Twamley. It’s also why we’ve started the Voices of Energy Podcast, to bring people into the conversation. Along with that, ALLY offers career listings and signature events. We’re also teaming up with other organizations to do Energy Transition Workforce Mapping. 

4. Accelerate sharing of best practices

We do this through bringing professionals together in our ALLY Council, along with our new ESG and ERG Councils. We also offer resources in the Roadmaps section of our site. 

Moving Forward

If you want to be a part of this effort, sign up and become a member of ALLY. And if you’re already a member, join a Council.

All of this is going to take collaboration and communication.

It’s going to take diverse and talented changemakers who are willing to come together in an effort to strengthen, improve, and build upon what we already have.

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