Introducing the Energy Diversity and Inclusion Index™

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Each year for the past three years, the New York Times has published something called the Glass Ceiling Index.

The index provides a look at the number of women and men in important leadership roles in American life.

This year, the headline read: “The top jobs where women are outnumbered by men named John.”

At first, we saw the headline and laughed. After all, it’s pretty ridiculous that you’re more likely to find a “John” in a position of leadership in this country than you are a woman. But then we started thinking, and asking ourselves, Where is this information for the energy sector?

The answer? Nowhere — until now.

Experience Energy, a Pink Petro company, is launching today the Energy Diversity and Inclusion Index™ — the first survey of its kind that will examine the state of inclusion across our industry. But we aren’t looking at names; we’re going deeper than that to uncover what makes a culture truly inclusive. The research focuses on c-suite engagement, policies, culture around belonging and inclusion across gender, ethnicity and other intersections, supplier diversity, community outreach and ESG practices.

The questions — pulled together with the help of cutting-edge tools made available by SurveyMonkey and Stanford University — cover those aspects of culture and inclusion that are hard to quantify: a sense of belonging, professional development opportunities, the ability to voice opinions, being valued, and fairness — in promotions, compensation and feedback.  After all, we know that pay is just one metric, and one that many industry surveys focus on.  More and more, we know that meaning, culture and belonging are the secret sauce to a great workplace.

Why does this kind of work matter?

Because what gets measured gets changed, and a more inclusive energy industry is a more profitable, innovative, safe and sustainable one.

For our members and energy companies, this is an independent opportunity to make your voice heard. The survey allows you to weigh in on the state of D&I in energy now, and what needs to happen moving forward. And it only takes 8 minutes of your time. Click here to get started.  

Once we’ve collected all this information, we’ll talk about what we learned at the GRIT Awards on Oct. 3 in Houston, an experience that will also be streamed live online. In addition to keynote addresses from INTECSEA President Geeta Thakorlal and futurist Crystal Washington, we’re assembling a panel of energy leaders and experts, sponsored by our good friends at NES Global Talent, to talk about the results of the survey and talk through what it all means for where we are now and where we’re headed. (Get your tickets today!)

We say it all the time: the new T’s and C’s in energy are talent and culture.

The Energy Diversity and Inclusion Index™ is the tool in fostering that transformation. The faster our industry goes beyond diversity and embraces inclusion, the stronger we become.

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