ALLY Energy rings the NYSE closing bell to mark momentum for NetZero

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ALLY Energy

Last week marked a significant milestone in the energy transition journey. ALLY Energy, a unique, first-of-its-kind company focused on fostering a healthy and diverse workforce pipeline for the energy sector, took a monumental step towards symbolizing the momentum for NetZero. Led by CEO and Founder, Katie Mehnert and her daughter, Ally, and 110 other leaders, they rang the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange at Energy Human Capital Markets Day.

The ringing of the bell sent a resonating message: the energy transition is indeed hard and costly yet within the realm of our capabilities. We can indeed do hard things when we bring together the different sectors of industry, academia, investors, markets, and the public sector. It's about harnessing the power of collaboration and building endurance to tackle the enormity of the task at hand.


"The journey to net zero is going to be long and hard, but we know how to do hard things in the energy industry.  We sent a powerful message to the markets that the energy transition is here and we are all here to work together to make that happen.  We've got to walk out of here with this momentum and keep moving the ball forward.  Let's toast to the future, to the energy workforce of the future, and take that momentum and keep running this marathon, " said Katie Mehnert. 

Much like the challenge of running a marathon, the journey to NetZero is a grueling one. It's not about the speed of reaching the finish line, but about executing a playbook that balances urgency with patience. But this is a marathon we're ready to run, together.

Guests came together for a reception and champagne toast along with NYSE executives who spoke about the importance of incumbent energy companies and startups working together across the ecosystem.  


Jackson Lynch, CHRO, Sunnova Energy joined us on the podium to ring the bell.  He talks about the importance of the energy workforce of the future and says "Energy is the oxygen of economic growth."


Kristeen Reynolds, Co-Founder of Drinkicks talks about her experience on the podium ringing the bell and the energy workforce and how it will address net zero. 

ALLY Energy is at the forefront of this endeavor, convening an ecosystem of companies, startups, governments, investors, and consumers to envision the future of energy. We help companies build their brand and attract the best talent while creating an inclusive, future-focused culture. We also provide a community for the workforce to connect to people, jobs, and training.

The ringing of the NYSE closing bell marked a sign of momentum for NetZero and a desire for us to work together, removing partisanship and unleashing American innovation. Energy is the currency of life and a vital cog in the global economy. Let's join hands, stride towards NetZero goals, and remember: we can, and we will do hard things. Because together, we are allies in energy.

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