ALLY Joins Transatlantic Alliance to Close Gaps in Diversity

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ALLY Energy

We are proud to announce that ALLY has joined the Women in Energy Network Alliance (WENA), a transatlantic initiative tackling gender diversity and inclusion issues within the energy sector. WENA is a collaboration between international female energy networks, including ALLY Energy, Women in Nuclear, POWERful Women, Lean In Equity & Sustainability, Women’s Utilities Network (WUN), ReWiRE, District Heating Divas and Full Circle 21.  This strategic alliance will help us accelerate our mission to close gaps on a diverse workforce by leveraging collective strengths across markets. 

What Is WENA? 

WENA was created with the aim to bring together the collective resources, knowledge, best practices, and networks of its members to increase diversity in the energy sector. It also serves as an incubator for creative initiatives that can help attract more women into leading roles in the industry. Our intention is for these initiatives to ultimately result in increased market share for each member’s organization while contributing to economic growth across all markets involved.  

How will ALLY benefit from joining WENA?

ALLY is committed to making the energy sector a diverse and inclusive place where all individuals can thrive professionally regardless of their gender identity or expression. By joining forces with others focused on achieving similar goals, we hope to create a larger platform for advocacy, education, training, policy changes, and resource sharing across national borders. We believe that this collaboration will enable us to learn from one another and support each other’s efforts toward creating more equitable workplaces within our respective countries.  

"ALLY Energy is thrilled to be the first and only US company to participate in this historic transatlantic allyship.  Together, we will lead the charge toward net zero with innovation, tenacity, and resilience, and ALLY will serve as the platform to connect professionals to jobs, and we want to encourage others to invest in the alliance's goals” commented Katie Mehnert, ALLY Energy founder and chief executive officer. Mehnert is also an ambassador for the United States Department of Energy and a Representative to the National Petroleum Council.

We are excited to join our fellow members of WENA and take part in this transatlantic collaboration aimed at making positive change within the energy sector community! Our goal is for this alliance to cultivate innovative solutions that can be implemented across multiple markets so that everyone can experience greater inclusion throughout their career paths in this growing industry. Together we can make sure everyone has an equal opportunity for success.

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Registration opens for the Energy Workforce of the Future Summit on January 20

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