EmPOWERing Your Career Resiliency

Written by:

Katie Mehnert

As the old adage goes, knowledge is power. 

Gaining more skills and industry knowledge is a fundamental building block of not only career advancement but, career resiliency.  So, how do you find the time to learn when you are already juggling more priorities than there are hours in the day?

Enter the Global Energy Management Program at the University of Colorado Denver Business School. 

Experts in energy education.

To date, nearly 38,000 learners worldwide have enrolled in the program’s 100% online courses: “Electric Utilities Fundamentals and Future” and “Fundamentals of Global Energy Business."

The GEM Program, like Pink Petro and Experience Energy, believe that energy education should be available and accessible to everyone.  That's why a few years ago, GEM was one of the first programs at the University of Colorado Denver to develop a massive open online course or MOOC through a partnership with, Silicon Valley-based, Coursera.

First introduced in the mid-2000s, MOOCs use innovative
technology and online platforms to foster interactivity, collaboration and
learning in specific subject matters. 
Their intent is to help individuals meet their personal and professional
enrichment goals. 

MOOCs are built on the premise that bringing together a diverse set of learners produces more successful learning outcomes.

Sound familiar?

Diversity increasing opportunities for more success and better results? 

To date, Coursera has “31 million registered learners who can choose among 2,600 courses and 236 specializations.”

“The energy industry is complex and our courses are designed to provide balanced, fact-based education, on a platform that everyone can prticipate in discussions and learn at their own pace. Coursera classes help CU Denver put the G in Global Energy Management, and equip learners worldwide with information about energy. ”

GEM’s MOOCs on Coursera focus on the “business of energy” and are designed to be self-paced; a key aspect for any busy professional.  Furthermore, learners can access the content for free.  If they want to earn a certificate of completion to share on LinkedIn or resumes, then there's a charge of $49. This low enrollment fee allows learners to access assessments and peer-based assignments for course completion.

This is an excellent solution for both the individual and/or corporate training department with limited time and budgets.

Both courses promise to engage and hold the attention of crafty energy veterans as well as novices because they were developed by GEM professors and industry experts, Melissa Wood and Dr. Michael J. Orlando.

About the courses

  • Electric Utilities Fundamentals and Future (10 hours) - Provides an inside track to a complicated industry.  Helps learners develop a framework for the industry by reviewing its history, how electricity gets to us and then explores the most critical topics like regulation, renewable energy, smart grid, battery storage, and the latest in innovation.
  • Fundamentals of Global Energy Business (13 hrs) - Through video lectures and quizzes, learn about diverse and integrated markets for primary energy, and the essential considerations driving business leaders and policymakers in the development of global energy resources.

Utilizing the latest trends in technology to reach global professionals is nothing new for the GEM Program.

For the past decade, the program has been helping the industry prepare for “the big crew change” by educating full-time professionals, no matter where they work or live, through its hybrid-online Master of Science degree program in Global Energy Management

We live in a world where both attention and time are scarce commodities.  Finding creative solutions that can help foster professional development and career advancement is what Pink Petro and Experience Energy strive to do for its members. 

We know, in order to do this, you must meet people where they are: ONLINE.

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