Leaning into the Energy Transition

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Within the past decade, the notion of an “energy transition” emerged. However, we still often have trouble understanding what it means, its key challenges, and applications. With the move from oil and coal based energies to new fuels, transportation and distribution options, what does the future like? How can we work toward a future where oil isn’t a dirty word and we balance profit, planet, and unlock a new value chain?

Panel Discussion

Given the changes ahead and possibilities, how will companies manage the energy transition to assure shareholder return while balancing climate, sustainability and other unique characteristics of the transition?

Opening remarks from

  • Johnna Van Keuren, Vice President, New Energies, Shell
  • Jeffrey Hayzlett, Chairman of the C-Suite Network (Panel Moderator)
  • Vicky Bailey, Chairman of the United States Energy Association and former Department of Energy
  • Kathleen Camilli, Public Company Director, Strategic Board Advisor to Pink Petro, Economist and CEO, Camilli Economics

Original broadcast date: March 8 2017 at the Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University

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