My Ask: Spread Our Great Work

Written by:

Katie Mehnert

I keep getting calls, texts, emails, and Pink Petro messages about how you can help Pink Petro. So here goes.

Help us spread the word about the work we do together and how we are truly different.  

People ask me about the difference between Pink Petro and other organizations.  It's a valid one, really, but I think it's important in my own words I articulate to you what we are and aren't.  And why we know we are different.

We're not an organization. We're a community.

Communities are very different than organizations. Organizations have rules and structure and boundaries. They require things and operate with specific mandates.  Communities create and drive movements, not moments. Communities engage and co-create ongoing experiences and connect people and content in meaningful measurable ways.  Communities are borderless and mobile and allow for learning no matter where you are, physically.   Pink Petro is a community and before it launched nothing existed like it.

We're not a charity. We're a social enterprise.

Pink Petro is a for-profit for purpose company that drives measurable results for our members and clients.  Before we launched, I spoke with a number of our amazing corporate supporters, executives, and professionals. They didn't want another charity or trade association.  They wanted different. I've been different my entire life so I was up for the job. My company has an executive board with seasoned leadership external to and internal to industry, with some of my clients serving.  Besides, would a man make the biggest talent and culture challenges in our industry a charitable endeavor?  And women need private board opportunities to grow their board experience.  Pink Petro is a social enterprise.  

We're digital and totally hybrid.  

We're social, live, and on-demand, and reach people where they are: online. We use relevant technology to drive conversations, create experiences and to measure impact and investment. We create hybrid (in person / online or on demand) experiences you can create your own experience around -- our signature HERWorld Forums and Pink Petro TV convene people and great ideas.   Events and meals aren't our thing.  But ... there are a myriad of awesome organizations who do the breakfast, lunch, and dinner club very well and we love to promote their events and activities, so if you are one, get in touch.  We ❤️ groups and actually help them build presence and profile online too! 

We measure progress and use data to drive impact.

Technology and big data are great things.  With 200,000 views a month and over 500k social impressions and growth on the horizon, we're proud we've built a niche that's hard to reach. We reach millennials, GenX and the public at large in ways no one does.  Everything we do is measured or we don't do it. Clients ❤️ us because we show them their return. 

We don't compete. We compliment.

We bring together people who care about the future of our industry and we do so, globally.  We are a thought leader in energy talent and culture and are a trusted source and force for social good.  We embrace collaboration, because that's how things get done, in teams.  Our strategic relationships with organizations like Lean In, The World Economic Forum, and the C-Suite network broaden our knowledge and we bring that back to industry to apply it.   No one else approaches this the way we do.

We are inclusive. And we are leaders.  

We unite, connect, develop and grow women in industry and include men in that process. We help companies in their inclusion journey and are shaping industry's story to make energy a place women want to work.  We are leaders in understanding the talent and culture challenges underway and bring new ideas and solutions to an industry starving for innovation and creativity.

We're not going to stop until the job is done.

We're on to amazing things I can't wait to share. My dad, an engineer, taught me that if you want something bad enough, you get after it.  I left a comfortable life and chair three years ago to bring this cause to the forefront.  I could have stayed on my previous executive path but chose this one.   I put my money, sweat, blood and plenty of tears into it because I demand a better outcome for my kid and yours. You can take that statement to the bank.

My plea to you?

You want to help? Here's what I need. Spread the great work we do.

Thank you for believing in the cocktail dream that has become Pink Petro and drinking some pink kool-aid with me. I cannot wait for the weeks and months ahead.

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