The State of Women in Energy

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ALLY Energy

This year’s Women in Energy Global Study sends a crucial message to the energy sector: Employees want to work for companies that are committed to bringing people together to achieve Net Zero. When asked what they value most in an employer, both women and men cited “a strong commitment to Net Zero” as number one, followed by an inclusive working environment.


Despite political and social division around the world, this study shows that most people in the energy workforce want to tackle one of the biggest challenges of our time: fighting climate change.

In a strong job market, the competition for top talent is fierce. To create the energy workforce of the future, organizations need to demonstrate that their work on the energy transition and diversity is far more than just lip service.

Employers also need to draw talent from other industries to reach experienced hires and young people who are about to begin their careers. For years, energy companies have focused too much inside the energy bubble and we need to expand our tent to include people who can bring different ideas and solutions to the table.

Building the future workforce also means giving everyone an equal shot at career advancement. This report shows that the energy sector has work to do on this, to ensure a level playing field for women. The study results show important steps organizations must take to fix these gaps including policies such as mentorships, sponsorships, maternity leave, and childcare. They also include paternity leave, because men must be given equal opportunities to engage in caregiving at home. All of these policies and more must be backed up by a culture that supports employees in putting these benefits to use without hurting their career trajectories.

The year ahead will surely be filled with challenges. Global instability is already causing difficulties in parts of the energy sector. But the key to making it through all these challenges -- and thriving through them -- lies in the workforce. Ultimately, the minds of employees are the greatest resource that the energy sector has. The industry has a lot to be proud of. We power the world, help lift people out of poverty, and make it possible for modern technologies to change people’s lives every day.

The more we help people see this, the more we’ll create a future pipeline of talent.

I remain optimistic that we can achieve this. We just must work together.


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