The Shifting Workforce: Perspectives From A Few Good Men

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The Shifting Workforce: Perspectives from a Few Good Men

Katie Mehnert, Founder/CEO of Pink Petro and Experience Energy led one of the panel discussions at HERWorld19 on Houston's main stage the afternoon of Thursday, March 7. She was joined by two other women and three men...which balanced out the discussion nicely.

Joining Katie on the couch were: Helena Deal, Vice President, Human Resources, HESS Corporation;  Hugo Guerrero, Senior Vice President of Technical Services, Crestwood Equity Partners, LP; Rick Marriner, Managing Member & CEO, KiloRomeo Waypoints, LLC; Souzi Weiland, Senior Manager, Learning, Training, & Development – Southwestern Energy; Phil Vollands, Oilfield Executive and Board of Directors, National Ocean Industries Association.

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