Pink Petro Member Crestwood Embraces Uniqueness

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Crestwood Equity Partners LP is all in when it comes to diversity and inclusion. And we are thrilled to have them on board as new members of the Pink Petro community.

We recently caught up with Crestwood to learn more about their efforts, including the newly established Crestwood Women’s Network (CWN), a resource group focused on championing diversity and inclusion efforts across the organization.

Strong commitment to diversity and inclusion

For inclusivity to work, it should come from the top, otherwise, it's just lip service.  Crestwood’s Chairman, CEO, and President, Robert G. Phillips, recognizes that this type of commitment starts with the company’s leadership. He pledged his support and commitment to its diversity and inclusion initiatives earlier this year.

Crestwood has established a culture that embraces the uniqueness of its employees. And they are committed to acknowledging and appreciating individuals’ differences.

Furthermore, the company values diversity, inclusion, and respects different ideas, skills, and cultures across its organization. Plus, it strives to create a fair workplace environment where employees are engaged and encouraged to speak up, share ideas, and take ownership of the company's success.

How they do it

According to the Energy Diversity and Inclusion Index™, a growth mindset, sense of belonging, and objectivity are all driving factors of inclusion. Crestwood offers company-wide training for its employees to ensure the environment they work in is professional, respectful, and sensitive to various backgrounds and priorities.

“Crestwood has always had a culture of championing diversity, but I am extremely proud of the focused efforts we have put forth in recent months. With the inauguration of Crestwood Women’s Network, we are taking a bold step to solidify this commitment to celebrating our differences and making a positive impact in our communities. For me personally, CWN is a passion project that allows us to give back and share with the next generation of female leaders,” says Tracy Schubert, Crestwood’s Vice President, Human Resources.

The company’s partnership with Pink Petro will further establish its commitment to support the professional development of women working across the energy sector.

About Crestwood

Crestwood (NYSE: CEQP) is a master limited partnership that owns and operates midstream assets in areas such as the Bakken Shale, Delaware Basin, Powder River Basin, Marcellus Shale, Barnett Shale, and Fayetteville Shale. The company engages in the following industry segments:

  • Gathering & Processing
  • Storage & Transportation
  • Marketing, Supply & Logistics

Crestwood is deeply committed to advancing sustainability within the organization, while integrating it into every functional area. It is taking a long-term strategic approach.

The company may be in the beginning stages of its sustainability journey, but very focused on establishing a best-in-class program and being a leader in the MLP midstream sector.

“Our approach to sustainability takes into consideration the interests of all our stakeholders – from those who invest in us, work for us and partner with us, to those who live near our operations. We’re focused on identifying and being transparent about the environmental, social and governance risks and opportunities most significant to our business and integrating them into our strategic framework,” – said Joanne Howard, Director, Sustainability & Corporate Communications

Like its inclusion initiatives, Crestwood’s sustainability efforts begin at the top of the organization. Plus, in November 2018, executives announced the formation of the sustainability committee at the board level. This committee will provide oversight of Crestwood’s sustainability initiatives and will ensure that environmental, social and governance risks are incorporated into its long-term business strategy.

The Chair of this committee is Janeen Judah who has more than 35 years of energy experience. Ms. Judah's diverse energy experience, as well as her environmental expertise, greatly benefits Crestwood’s commitment to sustainability.

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