Tapping the Intrapreneur Within

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Social intrapreneurs are a breed of entrepreneurs who work as employees within companies to develop business solutions for social or environmental problems. Now more than ever, during the COVID 19 pandemic, we need intrapreneurship inside companies and in industries that need reinvention. The World Economic Forum says it is critical for companies as it leads to mindset shifts, culture change, and spurs business innovation.

Yekemi is a serial entrepreneur with a background in Petroleum Engineering, Technical Sales & Strategic Marketing. A bestselling author and named one of 40 under 40 business innovators by Scottish Business News in 2016, she now co-owns Doqaru Limited, a sales and marketing consultancy based in Aberdeen, Scotland. Her 15-year experience spans companies like Schlumberger, GE & Lloyd’s Register. She works with start-ups, SMEs and large corporate organisations in the Oil & Gas and technology sectors. Over the past 4 years, she has supported over 50 companies in driving sales and strategic marketing objectives.

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