Washington Wants to Know About the Energy Workforce of the Future...

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Congress is ready to talk the energy workforce of the future. 

Katie Mehnert, our Founder and CEO, visited DC to testify before congress on the energy workforce of the future in February. This week we heard back from Energy Committee Chairman Pallone and Honorable Joseph P Kennedy (D-MA).

Here's your chance to be a part of the narrative.

Tell us what you think Congress should know about the workforce of the future. Answers will be condensed into a narrative. Your ideas are important. Lawmakers need to hear real views from the private sector on how to create the energy workforce of the future.

Question 1:  The transition to a green economy presents the U.S. with incredible workforce opportunity but also workforce disruption. How should Congress be proactive about supporting workers, families, and communities that have depended on the fossil fuel industry for jobs and economic development for generations?

Question 2:  How do we ensure a ‘just transition’ for those communities and workers as well?

Tell us what you think. Drop us a line here or get in touch.

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