At Landmark Opening of Greentown Labs, ALLY Energy CEO Talks Energy Revolution & Allyship

Written by:

Rhoda Shapiro

Watch ALLY CEO Katie Mehnert speak at the Greentown Labs opening:

Read the full text of ALLY Energy's CEO & Founder Katie Mehnert's speech here:

Let’s take a moment to realize how significant the opening of Greentown Labs is.

Today, world leaders are coming together and saying that the energy transition must happen quickly for the sake of all of us. And here in Houston, the energy capital of the world, we are coming together to say we will make it happen.

What we see here today is a true testament to allyship. An ally is a force for good.

People across the energy sector are coming together for the most important cause of our time: the climate. To lead the way, together. That’s what we need. And that’s what ALLY Energy provides.

We are a digital community for the entire energy sector and its transition. Bringing together people from companies large and small, traditional and new. People of different races, backgrounds, and life experiences. We’re the home base for anyone and everyone who shares a commitment to the energy transition: the move to a greener era. 

Together, we can make phenomenal, powerful changes. Changes that build stronger businesses, flourishing economies, and a healthier environment. This shift requires a wide range of ideas and all energy and all hands on deck. It takes diversity and equity -- giving everyone a voice and an equal chance to contribute.

The world is looking to Houston to be an engine for change. To fuel the next era. To be a new generation of wildcatters and mavericks leading an energy revolution.

That’s why the opening of Greentown Labs, here in Houston’s Innovation Corridor, could not come at a better time. Here, we will incubate new solutions. We’ll work together. We’ll hear each other, share ideas, encourage entrepreneurship and INtrepreneurship -- the development of change within our companies. Together, we can build bridges -- both real and metaphorical.

And as a proud alum of Shell and BP, I’m proud of the investments made in this ecosystem. 

ALLY Energy is thrilled to serve as an inaugural startup member of Greentown Labs Houston.

We want everyone watching us around the world to know that you can join our community. Go to and sign up. Share your ideas. Ask your questions. Find resources and information. Post jobs. Find jobs. Discover a world of allies for you in your energy career.

Become an ally yourself.

The past year has shown us that it’s not just an option but a responsibility to be an ally. The world needs us to. On this Earth Day, my thanks to the city of Houston, Greater Houston Partnership, energy partners and Greentown Labs.  Energy 1.0 was built here and we can’t wait to work with everyone here to build Energy 2.0.

Go here to watch the livestream of the Grand Opening.

And go here to read about Greentown Labs and ALLY Energy in the Houston Chronicle.

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